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Quality assurance engineers monitor and keep a clear track of the project in different phases of its development to final testing until it reaches the next level. They make sure that the product being developed meets the pre-determined standards, specifications, and is in tune with its purpose of development. QA engineers make sure that there is no compromise in the quality and functionality or deviation from the vision during the process, along with timely feedback at every stage of its development. The main goal of the QA engineer is to deliver exactly what was promised to the clients.

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  • Need to have a strong understanding of Java Programming and Hands-on Practice
  • Must complete “Core Java, SQL, Unix, Software Development Practices” from Apex before joining this training
  • Brief exposure to HTML, JavaScript, CSS technologies – not Mandatory
  • Having exposure to software development methodologies and web application introduction will be plus.


  • MANUAL TESTING: SDLC, Testing Strategies, Manual Test Cases and Plans, Defect and Project, Quality Management Process, Test Metrics Preparation, Root Cause, Analysis, Agile methodology, Rally/JIRA, Defect Management
  • SELENIUM AUTOMATION TESTING: Selenium IDE/ WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium Grid, Data-Driven with JXL/ Apache POI, Page Object Model (POM)
  • WEB SERVICES: Manual Testing of SOAP Web Services and REST API Testing (SOAPUI/ Postman), Web Services/ REST API Automation Testing, SOAP Concepts, SOAP UI, Postman, Automation testing of REST API using Apache HTTP Client, XML, JSON, JAXB, Gson/ Jackson Concepts
  • BDD WITH CUCUMBER – OPTIONAL: Behaviour-Driven Concepts, Cucumber Architecture, Features, Steps and assertions, Glue, tags, Pretty and Hooks, Data Tables, Exception Handling, Report Generation
  • MOBILE AUTOMATION WITH APPIUM – OPTIONAL: Different types of Mobile Application (Web Apps, Native and Hybrid Apps), Manual Mobile Testing Basics, Simulator/ Emulator/ Direct Device Testing, Different Types of Devices: iOS/ Android/ Java Phone Automation testing fundamentals with Appium, Testing both on Simulator/ Emulator/ Direct Device Testing, Setting up eclipse and testing on the device, Basics, Commands and App Installation on Developer account of Android and iPhone, Getting elements, Data-Driven and Framework with TestNG, Reporting and Parallel Testing
  • WHITE BOX (OPTIONAL) – ONLY FOR SDET: JUnit, Code Coverage Concepts(Depends on Students Interest & Programming Background)
    Application logging concepts using Log4j
    Continuous integration (CI), Jenkins and Maven
    Unix and database concepts, web application fundamentals, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and UI Framework Introduction
Duration: 3 – 5 weeks (Depends on Audience Background)
Mode of Training: In-Class and Online
Total Training Hours: 30-35 Hours (Classroom hours), 150-200 Hours (Homework hours based on Audience Background)
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